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We’ve had a full winter of travel, here and throughout Asia working with our teams and seeing some families join the work and others move out to new people groups. The organization that we formed several years ago, (GSI) has significantly grown and our niche in the missions world has clearly solidified. We desire to see the gospel   proclaimed in places that has never yet heard.


In 1994 we arrived for the very first time in Siberia. We felt somewhat like aliens arriving in a new land, new people, new foods and nothing that seemed familiar. Within a year we would begin to meet many friends that welcomed us, although they had no real concept of what  we were doing or why we had moved there. Now, almost 25 years has passed and the shoe is now on the other foot. Recently, we had the privilege of welcoming for the very first time some of our closest friends from our life in Siberia to visit us in Sarasota FL. We met Jenia and Natasha in 1995, and today they are some of the leadership / pastors of one of the churches in Siberia. They arrived in America and were amazed at the warmth compared to winter in Siberia. One of our churches that have supported us since our beginning invited Jenia and Natasha to preach here in Florida for a week. This was a great treat for us! They are such good friends, and we have shared both great times, challenging times and a deep friendship. They took pictures of every tree (especially Palm) and essentially everything they saw. Now they were the aliens, and they loved it here and we tried to share our lives with them like they shared theirs with us when we arrived. The work is continuing forward

as these churches are training and sending out 6 missionaries now from one of the churches to 3 different parts of Siberia to begin new church plants.    

The photos below are of some of the most recent of Jenia and Natasha's family of 10 kids (5 adopted) as well as some missionary activity taking place through the ministry of the church as well as the bible training college that was begun about 5 years ago in Mongolia and currently is training approximately 120 Mongolian leaders to teach and pastor churches in Mongolia. Please continue to pray that God keeps these men and woman hungry for the word of God.     


Memorial Service

The Ayore Indians at the time of their deaths

The missionaries leaving to head to the field. In the picture are my mother, aunt and uncle

The missionaries on board the boat singing praise songs


This winter, while working and traveling in SE Asia, a memorial was happening for my grandfather in Bolivia, South America. Recently, I took a couple of days interviewing my mother Betty Allen (Dye) and Katherine Squires (Dye) my aunt while we were in Michigan for a couple of days. I wanted to ask them a little about their memories of their father and mother, Cecil and Dorothy Dye. It was a very good time of listening and hearing in their own words their memories of that time period. I’d like to take just a moment to remember his testimony.

The 5 missionaries that went missing in 1943 

It was November 1943. My grandfather, Cecil Dye, and four of his co-workers disappeared in the jungles of Bolivia. It would be years before their families would learn that they were killed by the very people they were preparing to bring the truth of eternal Life in Jesus Christ. They were the first team of New Tribes missionaries in Bolivia and they sought to share the gospel with the Ayoré Indians of Bolivia. Little was known about the Ayoré except that there had never really been a peaceful contact with this tribe.

You won’t come back alive,” the missionaries were warned. But this did not deter them. Others asked, “Why go out there and risk your lives?” The answer was simple: “It is because the glorious name of Jesus is not known here, and must be made known at any cost, … that we are going,” Cecil Dye explained. “I don’t believe we care so much whether this expedition is a failure so far as our lives are concerned, but we want God to get the most possible glory from everything that happens.”

Cecil Dye 1940's

During the memorial services of the 75th anniversary of their death. My uncle and cousin were able to attend and participate in the services. Many gathered to remember the ministry done during those early days as well as some Ayoré Indians who wanted to thank those that had come many years earlier to share Christ with their people. Although, at the time those Ayoré had never heard of the love of Jesus Christ and instead of listening to their message they chose to kill these 5 men. However, today there is a church amongst these Ayoré Indians.

At the service my Uncle shared that a young Ayoré pastor spoke and said, “that because of God’s Love and the obedience and faithfulness of these 5 men, those 5 men that my people killed” he said ‘God then sent others to take their place and share the Gospel of Jesus to my people. Pointing to the crowd he said. “Because of this now we who believe in Jesus Christ, are all family in Christ.” 

Out of their death came Life and Christ and one day we along with my grandfather and the other 5 men who gave their lives to see the Ayoré no Him, will one day be gathered around the throne of God worshipping the One who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The young organization that my grandfather helped found began to grow after their deaths. Several years ago, I spoke at a missionary retirement center representing agencies from all over the world. After speaking and mentioning my grandfather, many missionaries shared how they heard the call after my grandfathers death and were challenged to continue the work that he had begun. Will you pray today that God will stir the hearts of each man and woman in Global Serve International to embody the commitment and dedication that Cecil Dye expressed in his letter? Pray that, whatever the cost, we will want that which will  glorify God the most. I’ve been praying that for myself and I pray that same message will be the heart of the church in Siberia and in the USA as well.

There is a book called God Planted Five Seeds that tells the story of those early years and the ministry that launched a movement to reach the un-reached world for Christ.

In Him   Greg and Julieann Allen